How to Get Back your Old Twitter UI in Chrome

If you are reading this article, There’s a high probability that you didn’t like the new Twitter UI.

Twitter recently updated their UI with some minor changes with the hope of making it more user friendly.This is certainly not  a major design change the social network has gotten. Twitter has significantly updated its UI in the past and met with few unhappy users. New twitter UI  also  met some unhappy users.


So what are the changes?

  • New Changes Twitter made was to remove the favorite icon, a star, in favor of a like icon, a heart.
  • This update feels like – corners off everything from Twitter.
  • Profile thumbnails are now round.
  • The icons are different.
  • There’s a new font. People are unhappy.

The new UI has been rolled out to both web and mobile users. If you use Twitter from your browser, then you can get the old Twitter UI back with Twitter – Old design. It’s a Chrome extension that restores the old Twitter UI .

Download –Twitter – Old design

Although there’s no option to revert back to the older UI in Twitter’s iOS and Android app.


Is It That Bad?

Frankly Not bad. It’s just different and usually people don’t adapt to change very easily.May be it doesn’t look as good in a desktop web browser but on mobile it’s an improvement. The font and its color is easier to read.

So if you don’t like the changes, use the extension to simply switch to old interface ,But i would like you to give it a chance

Let us know in the comments, if you sticking to the old one or the new one already won your heart.

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