What Else You Can Get At The Price Of An iPhone In India!

IDC’s research showed  Samsung continues to lead the smartphone market in India with over 28.1 % market share, the rest of the top five players are all Chinese. At number two we have Xiaomi with 14.2 % market share, followed by Vivo with 10.5% market share. At fourth Lenovo Group with 9.5% market share and at fifth position Oppo with 9%  market share.Wait where’s Apple’s iPhone?.

Top 5 Smartphone Brands India

While Chinese brands are getting more than 50% of market Apple only made about 3% of the smartphones sold in the country.No doubt iPhone is a great Phone, But why jus 3%. Everybody knows it’s the price.

iPhone 7s Plus 256 GB price is somewhat around 75k while iPhone 7 128 GB are sold at the price between 61k to 65k. Instead of buying an iPhone, it was found that an average Indian could pay months of rent or fly across the country more than once.

So I went deeper and made a list of some interesting useful and unuseful things you can get at the price of an iPhone in India.It is just a comparative list of iPhone with common stuff.So iPhone lovers don’t get so furious about comparing iPhone with other things


iPhone vs Rent

iPhone vs Rent

You can pay more than 5 months of rent for a decent apartment outside the city center areas in cities like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad.

Iphone vs Indian rail

iPhone vs Indian Rail

You can have 23 cross country journey (80 Days of traveling) between Dibrugarh in Assam,  to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu in Vivek Express by Indian Rail. Just FYI It is the longest route on the Indian Railways network, in terms of distance and time, and is the 9th longest in the world.

Iphone vs Broadband

iPhone vs  Broadband

The average cost for High-Speed Unlimited Broadband is around 1k to 1.2k in most of the cities.At this price rate, you can pay 5 yrs of broadband bills at the price of an iPhone.

With the entry of Reliance Jio Fiber broadband service, you could have their broadband for 7 yrs ( 10Mbps/-Unlimited) plan at the price of an iPhone.

Iphone vs Old Monk

iPhone vs Old Monk

This purchase will definitely last longer than iPhone, Probably till the next iPhone launches.

Iphone vs ElectricityiPhone vs  Utilities

Average Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water) bill for 2 BHK apartment costs around 2K. For that price,

3yrs of bills just PAID!

Iphone vs Apple

iPhone(Apple) vs  Apples

Same brand, Same value. But at least you won’t starve after buying them.

iPhone vs netflix

iPhone vs  Netflix

Yeah, but I would need something(iPhone??) to watch Netflix on.

Iphone vs Delhi Metro

iPhone vs  Delhi Metro

To the Delhiest , Check the calculations.The maximum distance might still be more.Just find the longest route.

Iphone vs GroceryiPhone vs Grocery

iPhone vs Cross Country TripiPhone vs  Flights

iPhone vs Dubai

iPhone vs  Dubai

Iphone vs FueliPhone vs Fuel

iPhone vs McDonald'siPhone vs McDonald’s 

iPhone vs Goats 

iPhone vs Tata Nano

iPhone vs Nokia 3310

Good luck dropping them from the 4th floor.We are not going to talk about slipping it out from the pocket or dropping it from the hand while using.

iPhone vs Dairy Milk Silk

iPhone vs Home Gym

iPhone vs Kingfisher Beer

I know you guys have some wicked thoughts. Feel free to add your ideas to the list in the comment section. 

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